About Pleuni Apollonia

My Story

I am Pleuni Apollonia, yoga teacher and musician, from the Netherlands. I am sharing the path of Yoga and Healing Music with others, to help people find more peace and live a more fulfilled heartbased life. I feel honoured to share the tools that helped me so much on my own path, for they have changed my life completely.

The Vinyasa classes I teach are an exploration of the body’s natural way of moving and in my Yin classes we practice in a very meditative way. In my retreats and workshops I always invite students to feel into their own body and decide with openness and curiosity what it is that works for them individually. I feel grateful to have studied with teachers like Jo Phee, Gary Carter and Julie Martin, for they have opened my eyes in many ways.

As a dancer and choreographer, I discovered yoga early in my life. The professional dance-world is harsh, very harsh. Yoga made me discover a truly different path of physical activity that is designed to take care of your body. In the workshops and classes I teach right now the most important thing is to enjoy exploring the body in space.

My other passion is music. The power of sound is something I am fascinated with. In my soundhealings I work with specific vibrations to help release tension, support the flow of energy, and promote emotional balance.
Another beautiful quality of music is that it connects, and brings you more into your heart. Togetherness is a huge theme in my life because I understand the importance of having a spiritual family that helps you grow. I love bringing people together, creating a safe container of likeminded souls, a circle of support, a tribe…..I am a connector.

In my bigger events like the mantra circles and cacao ceremonies in which I work together with other musicians, I want to create community, sharing joy and happiness. We take this time to remember who we really are..the core of our being far away from the noise of the outside world.

What I do


Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga & Myo Fascial Release technique


Mantra singing circles, cacao ceremonies and my own music recordings.


Private sessions, and group journeys. Both wíth as well as without microdosing

Practice with me from home! Check out my YOUTUBE channel.