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Cacao Ceremonies

A cacao ceremony is a gathering in which we drink ceremonial cacao to boost our energy and open our hearts. In my cacao ceremonies, the most important ingredient is music.

A little more info

What is ceremonial cacao? 

Theobroma Cacao, (Latin for ‘Food of the Gods’), has been used for centuries in spiritual practices and rituals. Cacao contains many beneficial minerals. It is really high in magnesium and chromium. It also contains a high amount of calcium, zinc, iron and sulfer. Another amazing fact: it makes us happy. Cacao contains neurotransmitters already present in the brain such as:
~ Norepinephrine (joy)
~ Serotonin (wellbeing)
~ Dopamine (motivation, pleasure)
~ Anandamide (bliss, painkiller)

The cacao that I use in my ceremonies comes from Nicaragua. If you would like to buy some to use at home, look no further! Pure Kakaw has lots of info on their website, and you can get your delicious Cacao  delivered at your doorstep.


A magical evening

Cacao & Mantra night

The mantra night is an evening ceremony in which we gather to drink ceremonial cacao and open our hearts with beautiful mantras and sacred songs. The vibe is meditative, relaxing and there is the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and our community.

Pleuni will be guiding the ceremony together with her lovely shruti box, and an amazing guitarist to accompany her.


A night in the forest

Mantra & Medicine weekend

The Mantra & Medicine weekend is a full day and night experience with food and accomodation. With this event we want to create community, bring people together, sharing joy and happiness. We take this time to reconnect to who we really are..the core of our being far away from the noise of the outside world.

We will work with the power of singing medicine songs (icaros), Sanskrit mantras, rainbow songs and other music from all over the world. We have a beautiful team of musicians to accompany Pleuni and her Shruti box. You will be invited to bring your own instruments as well!


A fresh start

Magic morning with Cacao & Microdosing

For the magic morning we’ve combined natural healing and ancient wisdom with modern science to create a unique sensory experience and a wonderful start of your day.
We will start with sharing raw ceremonial Cacao from Nicaragua and a microdose of truffles. This will be followed by a 1 hour meditative Yin session and sharing circle.