AVANI One Day Retreat ~ Medicine Journey

This medicine journey will take place in the Temple of Light at AVANI retreat in Helvoirt, with a maximum of 8 people and a team of 4 guides. The intimate setting makes it possible for us to create a very unique and and magical space, in which there is a lot of attention for everyone.

Around 10 in the morning, we welcome everyone and we open the day with a sharing round to get to know each other, and a serving of ceremonial cacao. Then there is time to prepare yourself to go into ceremony. You will have space to go into nature, to write and be in silence. During the ceremony we serve a full journey dose of magic truffles. Beforehand we check in with you what kind of amount would feel appropriate for the time. A light, medium or high dose.
During the truffle ceremony we go inward, into the silence and deeper parts of our consciousness. We reconnect to ourselves so that our inner wisdom has the opportunity to awaken. We will go onto a discovery within, so that we can transform old patterns and habits and get some clarity on the things that serve our life’s highest potential.
The ceremony will be fully guided with life music by Pleuni Apollonia and Robert Tolenaars.

Later in the evening we have dinner together before we enter the night. You will sleep in the Temple (there are comfy mattresses that are also used for the journey, and you can stay in your own spot) It’s a very special and sacred feeling to sleep in the ceremony space after a plant medicine journey.
In the morning we will have breakfast together and another sharing, before you will leave for home.

This journey is supported by a deeply connected and loving team. They will create the right environment for you to let go into yourself and into the medicine in all safety. There will be support in everything that arrises in you, and of course also all the practical questions you might have, so you can fully surrender.

Do you feel the calling?
The call to dive into your subconscious and connect to your higher self?
To feel more energetic, connected, inspired, and at peace?
To feel your aliveness, free from conditioning, blockages or expectations.

Beautiful, you are so welcome to step through this door and come home within yourself….
We would love to take you on this journey.

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Apr 25 - 26 2023


10:00 - 11:00



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AVANI retreat
't Hoog 3, Helvoirt
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