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Do you feel the calling of your higher self? The calling to be your pure self in body and mind? To feel powerful, energised, connected, and fully alive? Free from conditioning, judgement and blockages.
Good……because this calling is a door that’s been opened to help you find your true self.

AVANI welcomes you at the EARTH RETREAT to go on a transformative healing journey together.

We take you with us these 3 days into nature and ancient traditions. Without a clock, phone or camera. Without work, your partner or your children. For a full weekend you will live by the rhythm of nature. We offer a combination of plant medicine (magic truffles), sweatlodge, shamanic energywork, soundhealing and breathwork. This can help you to reconnect to your inner wisdom, and to get to the core of your healing process, to accelerate change.



  • INTENTION ~ the compass of your journey

You do nothing without a reason, even if that reason is unconscious. Try to become aware of it, and investigate.
An intention is a wish that is detached from the outcome. The intention gives you direction and enables you to be open to what you encounter. With the right intention you will find exactly what you need even if it looks different than what you thought it would in advance.

  • TRUFFLE CEREMONY  ~ for new perspective

We turn inward, to the silence inside. By becoming still within yourself you can awaken you inner wisdom and reconnect to who you really are. From this new perspective you can look at yourself, your life, your situation. In this way we can grow, find the big answer to the question: “Who am I”.
For this ceremony we are using Magic Truffles as a plant medicine. This kind of ceremony has been facilitated all over the world for centuries for physical and spiritual healing.


During the ceremony you will be taken on a unique sound journey. We combine live sound healing with electronic soundscapes, sound effects and solfeggio frequencies. This beautiful and potent blend, supported by the plant medicine, takes you on a journey through wonderland to the deep waters of your soul.


This ancient ritual can cleanse your body and mind of things that are no longer needed. You may begin to recognise how you have always lived. To then see very honestly what lives in you. You will make contact with your body and mind where everything is allowed to arise. Anger, sadness, frustration, fear, pleasure and loss. You may burn whatever stands in your way. By connecting with yourself, by feeling what may be felt, you can become honest with yourself. Be honest about the parts you don’t really dare to acknowledge. You’re really going to look at yourself. Who am I. So you can burn all that you are not and let go.


The truffles help us on the way in, to the unseen world. We guide this process with four energy healers who are guided by something bigger during the ceremony, which tells them where hands can be placed, to connect you with your core, with the soul. It is a shamanic way of working. The power of healing allows our energy to be refined so that we can live from a source of unconditional love and trust.

  • BREATH POWER ~ letting go

You will be guided in deep connected breathing exercises, followed by a period of deep relaxation and recovery. This allows you to travel through your physical body to the mind and further into the depths to the emotional, energetic and spiritual body. Every cell of your system wakes up and you experience a deep relationship with yourself and your source. Blockages can be cleared and answers found. You also reach deep into the nervous system, immune system and cardio-vascular system, so that you can reset these primal systems. You will receive one-on-one support and guidance to surrender to what is there for you.


AVANI offers us a space of openness, where you feel safe to go in and reconnect with your own nature. Where you can find new perspectives.

AVANI means: ‘The good earth’, and stands for grounding within yourself, ground with each other. Being in contact with yourself and the earth. This retreat and training center is surrounded by trees, and a newly planted food forest. The beautiful architecture, the natural light and all the indoor decorations make you feel at home right away. At the ground floor you will find 100m2 of space in which we hold our circles and ceremonies, as well as a huge modern kitchen and 2 main bathrooms. Upstairs there are 2 dorm-rooms, each with 6 wooden beds with linnen bedding. And 2 private rooms with ensuite bathroom. Outside are 2 yurts with a fireplace inside. The location is very close to the “Loonse en Drunense duinen” in Helvoirt. Check out their website HERE


On this weekend we:
– Rediscover a deep connection with ourselves and nature.
– Experience deep cleansing of everything we no longer need.
– Sweat it out, breathe it out, and rinse it off. Together we will enjoy, deepen, breathe, sweat, laugh, cry, shiver, scream, wonder, but above all live life to the full.
– Connect with our capacity for self-healing
– Experience that we are the creator of our inner world and our life. We stand still and discover what really lives in us.
– Work with ancient rituals and nature. The sweat lodge, our breathing, the plant medicines (legal truffles) and music.
– We eat good food. Healthy food. So that we not only go home emotionally healthier, but also physically.

And all that in a beautiful, healing place. AVANI


For men and women who feel the call to go on a journey and want to understand themselves better.

For people who want to get more out of life, who want to grow and develop. Who take matters into their own hands and lead themselves to an improved version of themselves. People who are ready to clean up old clutter and want to take a giant leap forward. People who feel the call to deepen, to challenge themselves physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Who trust their inner knowing and feel that the answers can be found in their nature.

Maybe you’ve been doing inner work for a long time, maybe you haven’t. What is important is the willingness and desire to open, give and deepen yourself. And the courage to go beyond your comfort zone.


This retreat is organised by AVANI.


Nov 04 - 06 2022



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