Ecstatic Weekend ~ Deep Dive

✨Let’s create some magic!✨

We gather inside within the warmth & light of AVANI retreat.

On Friday evening we allow ourselves to breathe fully into our amazing bodies- creating space for the NEW with PSYCHEDELIC BREATH® – guided by Aileen Kennedy, supported by the opening & enhancing properties of Ceremonial Raw Cacao & magic truffles.
When we lie down at the end of this session, we surrender fully to the healing frequencies in the SOUNDHEALING with Pleuni van Hulten.

After a short break, we then move to the part of expression & celebration, connecting with each other and allowing playfulness and joy in the ECSTATIC DANCE journey brought to you by DJ Yarun Dee.

On Saturday Morning we take time to ground and integrate. From our experience often a lot is set in motion during the Friday program. Saturday morning we have some lovely quiet time to gently land, with a movement session, guided meditation, and time in nature. We close our special time spent together with a sharing circle.
Please consider taking it easy and having time after this mini retreat for being on your own, creating space for some journaling, meditation or spending more time in nature (which can also be done close to Avani at the Loonense en Drunense duinen!, this is a 2 minute drive away!

Friday 30
16.00 Opening circle
17.00 Short break
19.00 Soundhealing
19.30 Break
20.30 Ecstatic dance
22.30 Late dinner

Saturday 01
08.30 Silent forest walk
09.00 Guided meditation
10.00 Movement session
10.30 Brunch
12.00 Closing circle
Helvoirt, AVANI retreat
Ceremonial Cacao
Cacao is known to boost your energy and open the heart.
Theobroma Cacao, (Latin for ‘Food of the Gods’), has been used for centuries in spiritual practices and rituals.
Cacao contains many beneficial minerals. It is really high in magnesium and chromium. It also contains a high amount of calcium, zinc, iron and sulfer. Another amazing fact: it makes us happy.
Psychedelic Breath
Change the story of your past, open up to a new future by releasing limiting beliefs, tap into the only source of true knowing: your heart.
Psychedelic Breath is a mix of breathing techniques that combine elements from ancient yoga traditions and findings of contemporary neuroscience.
Within the breath meditation you alter your brain frequencies into deeper states of meditation.

Touching upon your subconscious mind as well as your emotional body, you clear out mental, emotional and physical blockages. This powerful breathing technique may impact your body, mind, emotions, heart & energy.

A soundhealing is like a journey, in which you travel through various emotions and mental states. Different sounds can trigger different kinds of feelings. This total sensory experience has the ability to calm the mind, energise the body, release emotional blockages and invoke a different level of awareness.

Soundwaves have a potential far greater than we’ve ever dreamed because they reduce stresshormones and replace them with hormones of relaxation and calm, effecting the autonomic nervous system in an extremely positive way.

Ecstatic Dance
You are invited to dance your own dance, find your bliss in moments of freedom and joy through movement and connection with yourself and others. Allow the music to take you on a magical journey.
★ Ecstatic Dance Guidelines
1. No talking
2. We dance barefoot
3. Respect yourself and one another

For the breathwork & the cacao it helps to have either an empty or not so full stomach. Consider a short fast.
Wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, warm layers for the breathing and feel welcome to come dressed up, however you wish! Please bring your own mat, pillow/ blanket for your own comfort, we will be sitting & lying down.

Pregnancy, Epilepsy, High Blood pressure, High inner eye pressure, Detached Retina, Cardiovascular problems, Strokes, Clinical anxiety, panic attacks or psychosis, recent surgery (broken bones/ wounds).
If you are experiencing one of the above this technique is too strong now.
We fully believe in being who you are
With all your multitude of colours & expression. Within all the light and the dark.
We welcome you to join us, AS YOU ARE.
Free & Pure

Sleeping and other extra’s:
For this event it’s possible to camp in the AVANI forest, or bring a campervan. AVANI retreat also has some beautiful dorm-rooms, private rooms and yurts available. For only a little bit extra you can sleep in a warm comfy bed.

  • Private room with bathroom for 2 €75
  • Bed + Bedding in a 6 bed dorm-room €30pp
  • Bed without bedding in the 6 bed yurt €25pp
  • Camping with your tent or camper €15

Feel free to connect with either of us for questions about the different parts of the program,
We look forward to welcoming you at this special weekend edition!
For more details about who we are & what we offer take a look at:

Book your tickets HERE

NOTE: Refunds for cancelation will depend on ticket resale availability. There usually is a waiting list, but please bear in mind that the closer to the event, the less chance we have to resell your ticket. 24h before the start of this event we are not available anymore to help in ticket exchange. You are more than welcome to sell your ticket yourself! Please inform us though 🙂

 About the location
AVANI means: ‘The good earth’, and stands for grounding within yourself, ground with each other. Being in contact with yourself and the earth. This retreat and training center is surrounded by trees, and a newly planted food forest. The beautiful architecture, the natural light and all the indoor decorations make you feel at home right away. At the ground floor you will find 100m2 of space in which we hold our circles and ceremonies, as well as a huge modern kitchen and 2 main bathrooms. There are also 2 brand new yurts with a fireplace located on their land in which there will be space for 7 beds. There is also space for a few campervans on the land.
The location is very close to the “Loonse en Drunense duinen” in Helvoirt. It’s brand new and you can find out more on their website.

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Sep 30 2022 - Oct 01 2022


16:00 - 12:00



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