Magic Morning ~ Microdose, Cacao & Yin Yoga

In a beautiful location:
✩The Temple of Light @ AVANI Retreat in Helvoirt

For this morning with microdose, Yin Yoga & Cacao we’ve combined natural healing and ancient wisdom with modern science to create a unique sensory experience and a wonderful start of your day.

We will start with a sharing circle to then serve you a cup of raw ceremonial Cacao from Nicaragua and a microdose of magic truffles. This will be followed by a meditative Yin Yoga session guided by Pleuni. After the Yoga there will be another sharing, and a potluck brunch with time to hang out and connect by the fire, Or take a walk in the forest.

⍙ ⏀_ Yin is a more passive form of yoga in which we focus on the joints and the deeper connective tissues like the fascia and the ligaments. The Magic Morning Yin classes are very meditative, and there is space to completely dive into your inner world. We will work through a series of postures that are held for a long time, about 2-7 minutes. By enhancing the flow of Prana, we work through blockages in the body that can store old emotions. Pleuni will walk around to assist your body in opening and softening by giving gentle adjustments and attentive touch to release tension and stress.

⍙ ⏀_ Cacao opens the heart and allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with yourself, others, the earth and all of life.

⍙ ⏀_ A microdose is about 1/15 of a full trip dosis, and therefore has a very subtle effect. It doesn’t come close to the psychedelic effects of a normal dosis. The aim here is to improve mood and focus and boost creativity. Rather than mind-altering, the effects of Microdosing are best described as mind enhancing.
There have been numerous studies utilising psychedelics like psilocybin, and they have shown that it has positive effects on depression and anxiety.
If you have questions about microdosing, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message.

There are some contra-indications for taking cacao and/or magic truffles. Please read about them in the FAQ’s on the bottom of THIS PAGE

This event will take place in the ‘Temple of Light’ on the AVANI retreat grounds in the forest of Helvoirt.

Please bring:
❤︎ Your Yoga mat and a warm blanket
❤︎ Something vega for the potluck brunch
❤︎ Warm clothes and fluffy socks
Yoga bolsters, straps, eye covers, blocks and cups for the cacao will be provided!

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Apr 08 2023


10:00 - 12:30



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Temple of Light - AVANI Retreat
Pleuni Apollonia


Pleuni Apollonia

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