Mantra & Medicine weekend

Mantra & Medicine weekend
Are you ready to feel radiant and alive? Would you like to join us for a weekend of connection, transformation and celebration in one of the most beautiful retreat centers of Brabant? This will be the ultimate experience, bringing together all the different tools and knowledge collected over the years. I have been feeling the need to create longer events so there is time for integration, time to let everything sink in. And what better way to do this than on a full weekend experience in a beautiful location in the forest, A space for being able to silence the mind, connect to the wisdom and spirit within you, where you can breathe and be. Connect and recharge.

Cacao & Microdosing ceremony
Cacao ceremonies originate all the way back to Mayan and Aztec traditions in central and south America. Cacao opens the heart and allows for a deeper, authentic love based connection with yourself, others, the earth and all of life. On this night we combine three beautiful tools for transformation: Cacao, Mantras and microdosing Magic Truffles. The microdose that will be offered to you in this event contains between 1 and 2 grams of fresh truffles. You will be free to choose in the moment the amount that calls you most, because it’s important you feel comfortable. We will work with singing Sanskrit mantras, medicine songs, rainbow songs, and other music from all over the world. Pleuni will guide this ceremony together with guitarist Robert Tolenaars. You are also invited to bring your own instruments. This experience is about finding connection to your highest self, your own power and truth.

About Cacao
Theobroma Cacao, (Latin for ‘Food of the Gods’), has been used for centuries in spiritual practices and rituals. Cacao contains many beneficial minerals. It is really high in magnesium and chromium. It also contains a high amount of calcium, zinc, iron and sulfer. Another amazing fact: it makes us happy. Cacao contains neurotransmitters already present in the brain such as:
~ Norepinephrine (joy)
~ Serotonin (wellbeing)
~ Dopamine (motivation, pleasure)
~ Anandamide (bliss, painkiller)
The ceremonial cacao that I use in my ceremonies comes from Nicaragua and is ethically sourced. To protect all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are naturally in cacao, it is NOT heat-treated and processed like cocoa or chocolate, and nutritional benefits aren’t reduced.

About Microdosing
A microdose is about 1/10 of a full trip dosis, and therefore has a very subtle effect. It doesn’t come close to the psychedelic effects of a ‘normal’ dosis. The aim here is to help you fully experience everything that is alive in you, so you are able to process. Rather than mind-altering, the effects of Microdosing are best described as mind enhancing. There have been numerous studies utilising psychedelics like psilocybin (the psychoactive ingredient in hallucinogenic mushrooms and truffles) and they have shown that it has positive effects on depression and anxiety. It may give you positive energy, increase your levels of creativity, support your focus, promote deeper connection to connect with other people and stabilise your mood.

About mantra chanting
A mantra is a sound or a vibration that becomes very powerful when you repeat it. Singing the ancient words with subtle intentions help you to reach a deep state of meditation. By simply repeating the mantras, you can disconnect from your thoughts. The mantra becomes more abstract so it can lead you into a place of pure consciousness. Each mantra with its different sound has another effect on the human psyche. The sound vibrations penetrate every cell of the body. When we sing these mantras together in a group, often a profound sense of unity and connection arises. The harmonious sounds created by everyone, are felt deeply within and help you raise your vibration.
⏄ The team
Pleuni van Hulten:
Organizer of this weekend, Yoga teacher, Mantra chanter, Soundhealer, Cacao addict. 
Robert Tolenaars:
Musician, teacher and mystic, amazing guitarist, co-facilitates the cacao ceremony with Pleuni.
Bo Kingdon: 
Vegan cook, builder of AVANI retreat center, partner of Pleuni, defender of animals rights.
Rubén Garcia Arabit: Professional dancer, body worker, founder of RGA therapy. (website)
Aileen Kennedy: Free spirit, spaceholder, PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®️ facilitator, loving mum and psychologist.

About the location
AVANI means: ‘The good earth’, and stands for grounding within yourself, ground with each other. Being in contact with yourself and the earth. This retreat and training center is surrounded by trees, and a newly planted food forest. The beautiful architecture, the natural light and all the indoor decorations make you feel at home right away. At the ground floor you will find 100m2 of space in which we hold our circles and ceremonies, as well as a huge modern kitchen and 2 main bathrooms. Upstairs there are 2 dormrooms, each with 5 wooden beds with linnen bedding. And 2 private rooms with ensuite bathroom. The location is very close to the “Loonse en Drunense duinen” in Helvoirt. It’s brand new and their website isn’t online yet, but check out their instagram!

Time schedule

Saturday 11
⌾  13.00 onwards arrival. If you booked a camping spot, this is the time to set up your tent. (Campervans are also welcome!
⌾  15.00 opening circle
⌾  6.30 free time to enjoy the forest and connect (there will be tea and snacks)
⌾  18.00 start ceremony
⌾  22.00 end ceremony and late night dinner

Sunday 12
⌾  8.30 PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®️ session by Aileen
⌾  10.00 vegan brunch
⌾  10.30 free time to enjoy the forest and connect
⌾  13.00 closing circle

Your ticket price includes
⌾ Mantra circle with ceremonial Cacao and a microdose of fresh truffles
⌾ Camping spot
⌾ Use of showers and toilets in the main building
⌾ Delicious snacks and tea
⌾ Vegan dinner Saturday night
⌾ Vegan brunch Sunday morning
⌾ Guided PSYCHEDELIC BREATH®️ session

Sleeping and other extra’s:
The ticket includes a camping spot, but AVANI retreat also has some beautiful dorm-rooms and private rooms available. For just a little bit extra you will sleep in a warm comfy bed!

  • Private room with bathroom for 2 €75
  • Bed + Bedding in 5 bed dorm-room €25pp
  • Massage €25 per 30 min

The first 10 tickets are sold as early bird tickets! So be sure to book your spot!

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Sep 11 - 12 2021



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