Mantra Circles

Sound and music have been used since ancient times for healing and transformation. I believe it to be a powerful tool that has the ability to bring people into deep relaxation and help them to transform any negative energies within the body. Everything is in a state of vibration, including our organs, bones and tissues. If these parts are blocked or unbalanced, it makes sense to project the right frequencies back into the body. We are all unique vibratory beings, in a constant state of fluidity and flow.

Mantra Circles

I guide cacao ceremonies and mantra chanting circles in which I invite people to sing with me. A mantra is a sound or a vibration that becomes very powerful when you repeat it. Singing the ancient words with subtle intentions help you to reach a deep state of meditation. By simply repeating the mantras, you can disconnect from your thoughts. The mantra becomes more abstract so it can lead you into a place of pure consciousness. Each mantra with its different sound has another effect on the human psyche. The sound vibrations penetrate every cell of the body.

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Healing Music

I recently started recording and creating music. Some songs are mantras chanted by me supported by the meditative sound of my shruti box. Some tracks are electronic soundscapes with vocals. You can find them on bandcamp and support me by downloading the mp3 files in great quality!




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